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Youforget.me: Request your digital footprint report

Welcome to the Youforget.me digital footprint report wizard. If you have come this far it is because you are concerned about your digital privacy. Through our prevention, management and control platform you will obtain your digital footprint report in a safe and reliable way .

Our wizard takes 10 minutes. You must have access to your email account, your mobile phone and your identity document. We recommend that you locate yourself in a safe and quiet space to do it with the greatest guarantees of security and privacy.

This wizard has three sections. When you complete all them you will receive a link to access to your digital footprint report by email.

This assistant is only available to people over 16

Please, before providing your personal data, accept and consent to the processing of your data. This step is essential for providing your digital footprint report. We want you to be aware of what we do with your data.

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Validate your account, phone number, and mobile device

We start the wizard by validating your email account and telephone number, through these we will complete the rest of the steps. First, you will receive a code by mail to validate your email and another by SMS to validate your phone number. Fill in these details here:

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Personal data required for verification

Insert your first and last name here:

Document type

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Perfect! We are already in the last step, now we are going to add your personal information.

In this last step, we are going to add additional information in order to our technology can be accurate in obtaining your digital footprint report. We will carry out a query throughout the internet with the data you provide us and you will be able to analyze what information the internet publicly displays about you.

Social Media Accounts

Insert your Social media profiles here


We locate content by biometric patterns, for this, you can use the following methods: (in both cases, the system will perform a contrast to verify that the file corresponds to the image included in your ID). This method help to guarantee and preserve your identity in order that it cannot be used by third parties without authorization.

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Thank you for completing the digital footprint application wizard, this is the data we have collected:

Registered Personal Data

First and last name(s):
ID document:
(Validation pending)
Expiration date:
Birth Date:
Phone number:

We've almost finished

Sus datos han sido guardados. Aún nos falta validar tu identidad (a través de tu documento de identificación) mediante un servicio digital, que de forma certificada, nos confirmará este paso. Para ello, tienes que tener el teléfono móvil que anteriormente has validado y tu documento de identidad a mano.

We carry out this process with Logalty a trusted third party that meets all the requirements and verifications of the EIDAS regulation con ámbito de aplicación en toda la Unión Europea.

You need an internet connection and give permission to your camera to be able to take a photograph on both sides of your identity document.

Are you ready? You do not need to stay on this page. You must have already received the instructions by SMS on your phone.

Do you need help? You can call us at: +34 640 53 59 76

Remember, once the data has been confirmed, you will receive your digital footprint report in your main validated email. This process takes approximately 48 hours, if you have any questions or queries, you can direct them to mihuella@youforget.me


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